Carefree mobile internet in Croatia

€9.95 per month
Carefree in Croatia

mobile internet
in Croatia

20 GB of data transfer

Fast internet LTE/4G at no additional cost

The HR-internet service offers a lower data transfer cost in the mobile network of Hrvatski Telekom. You can use the high-speed internet LTE/4G. We advise to manually select the operator, as the mobile network of Hrvatski Telekom can have several names on your device: HR-CRONET, T-Mobile HR, or HT HR.

• 20 GB
• 1 month
• automatic extension

To activate the HR-internet service send the keyword HR INTERNET to 4008. After it is necessary to interrupt and restore the data connection for proper operation. The service is valid until cancelled. For deactivation, send an SMS with the keyword HR INTERNET NE to 4008.


The service HR-internet costs EUR 9.95 per month and is valid from the first to the last day of the month, regardless of when the service was activated / deactivated. When the HR-internet is activated, it is automatically extended every first day of the month (a delay of several minutes is possible due to system extension and verification). You will receive an SMS notification sent in the morning.

Allowance usage

Once you consume the HR-internet allowance, the allowance of the selected plan is used or the data transfer is charged according to the valid price list.

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