IZI Brez

Carefree international

Already from €6.00
To the Balkans at affordable price

Carefree communication abroad

Calls from 0.298 EUR/min

SMS/MMS already from €0.07

To the Balkans and abroad at affordable price

€2.00 credit on your account

The IZI Brez meja plan is intended for anyone who communicates internationally, either officialy or privately. It offers cheap calls from Slovenia to the Balkans and to the rest of the world. When sending SMS abroad, no extra cost is charged.

Included in the plan

SIM card

€2.00 credit on your account

Instructions for use

International calls

If calling internationally, please check the price list of international calls from Slovenia here.

You can buy the plan at more than 3,700 points of sale across Slovenia.

Tariff switching

To switch to the tariff IZI Brez meja send the keyword PREKLOP BREZMEJA to 4008.

The services in IZI Brez meja plan are charged according to the valid pricelist. When you buy an IZI Brez meja SIM card, you will receive a credit of EUR 2.00. Prices are in EUR and VAT included. For more information about the offer and pricelist of other services, visit www.izi.si, authorized IZI points of sale or call 051 800 800 or 080 8811. IZI, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., Ljubljana

Points of sale

You can buy IZI plans and value cards at more than 3,700 sale points across Slovenia.

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